There’s no such thing as Skin care/ treatment for All skin type, because EVERY SKIN is Unique

Our Core value

Ever wonder why our fingerprints different from each other?

So does our skin. Let us come up with a comprehensive blueprint for your skin-vestment. Choose your skin investment carefully and accordingly.

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Your Skin is Your Story,
Let’s Make It Better

Never Ending Battle With Acne?
Dark Spots Getting Darker? (Pigmentation)
Long Standing Deep Scars?
Vicious Cycle of Itching and Scratching?

Dermalene is Here to Help Your Skin Look Better

Non-Invasive and skin friendly treatment

Effective AND skin-friendly, non-invasive, skin solution. NO INJECTION AND NO MAGIC just use Your Skin To Make It Better.

Clinically proven skin treatment method

Clinically proven ingredients and solutions with a scientific treatment regime as our Founder is a Certified Dermatologist.

Up to Date Skin Treatment

All Skin Treatments Machineries were internationally imported and up-to-date for the best skin result.

Well train and experience skin solution.

Experience Consultant ranging from Specialist Dermatologist to Expert Beauty Consultant.

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Skin Consultation
Skin Treatment
Skin Support Careline
Skin Consultation
Skin Support Careline


(Selected Skin Treatment) + FREE Comprehensive Facial Scanner Analysis and Consultation

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