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Trying out new skincare products can be exciting or it can be a nightmare especially when the product has big claims on how it can give you clear complexion or give you that youthful look and day or two later you come to notice yourself having a breakout.

Breakouts can by caused by several reasons for example bacteria and clogged pores but they can also be caused by the introduction of a new product. This is known as skin purging.  Let’s find out the difference skin purging and your usual breakouts

Purging vs. Breakout: What’s the Difference?

There is a difference between skin purging and breakouts even though they might seem similar in the sense that they both cause acne or flare-ups

Even though the two might seem similar there is a difference between purging and breakouts. Skin purging happens when you use a new skincare product especially ones that contain active ingredients -like retinoids or hydroxy acid, which can cause a reaction to your skin.  A new product could also have ingredients that may affect or rebalance your skin’s pH levels. Your skin will be shedding dead skin cells faster to make way for better-looking skin.

Before you can get better, younger-looking skin, your skin needs to eliminate excess oil and build-up. All of the bad stuff gets pushed to the surface so that you can start having better skin. Think of it as a detox, but for your skin.

Acne occurs when your pores get clogged with excess oil or dead skin cells. These clogged pores, often turning into blackheads or whiteheads, can become inflamed, turning them into pimples or nodules. Acne is caused by a number of factors, like changes in your hormone production and bacteria growth on your skin.

Signs to Watch Out For 

Purging is your skin adjusting to the new product. The skin’s natural cycle is 28 days. When that process accelerates, you will experience symptoms like the appearance of more pronounced blemishes.

 Purging also usually occurs in areas where you tend to have breakouts. If you’re having breakouts in new areas on your face, then the product may not be suited to your needs.

Using the product continuously will promote a faster, more frequent skin cell turnover cycle, thus paving the way for better skin. Symptoms of purging usually go away after a few weeks of continuously using the new skincare product. 

However, if the purge lasts longer than six to eight weeks, this might then be a breakout and you need to stop using the product. If these symptoms persist, it’s best to consult with your dermatologist or come to one of our Dermalene Branches. We are located in Shah  Alam, Bangi, and Kuala Lumpur. Dr. Alina Hasni and our experienced therapist are ready to help you!