What Is the Effect of Blue Light on The Skin?

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What Is Blue Light?

Blue light is simply light on the blue end of the visible light spectrum, falling within the wavelength of 400 to 450 nanometres. This is a short wavelength which has a higher energy output and unfortunately, can cause greater damage to the skin. Blue light is not only found in sunlight but just as importantly, it also emits from the electronic devices now integrated into most people’s daily lives like our phones, laptops and television screens.

Why Is Blue Light Harmful for Your Skin?

With blue light making waves in the area of sleep and eye health, it’s no surprise that potentially harmful effects have been discovered for skin health as well. Unlike other environmental stressors for the skin – like sunlight and UV rays – there’s no heat, no burn. However, don’t let the lack of immediate effects fool you. Visible light, especially in the blue wavelength, has become a hot topic in skin care, as there is mounting evidence that supports its contribution to photo-aging, including wrinkles, worsening skin laxity and hyperpigmentation.


How to protect your skin from blue light damage

You can cover your phones and computers with a blue light shield. It’s a cheap fix and eliminates the need to worry about skincare or sunglasses when using your phone or tablet.  Some smartphones have a setting that disables blue light in favour of yellow light (often called ‘night mode’ or ‘nightshift’), which makes it easier on your eyes and on your skin. If your phone has this feature, use it all the time as a great anti-ageing and eye-saving method.

Topical antioxidants are a must in everyone’s skincare routine. The skin naturally contains antioxidants such as vitamin E; however, these are used up when the skin is exposed to excess free radicals such as UV light, visible blue light and other environmental stressors such as pollution.  Applying topical antioxidants in the form of skincare, as well as eating a diet rich in antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables can boost our skin’s defence against oxidative environmental damage.


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