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Skin Specialist Dermalene, Your No.1 Choice!

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Let’s be honest, physical appearance; face and body, will be our first impression when we’re meeting people.

Hence, it’s a reason why so many people invest their money and time in a skin specialist.

Here’s a fun fact about human skin; it has distinctive “features”. Thus, we at Dermalene believe that every skin needs a delicate treatment.

Although the problem faced by the people is the same, yet, they need different skin treatment.

This is mainly because everyone leads a distinguished lifestyle from each other.

There are many skin specialists in Malaysia.

Therefore, we provide various reasons for you to consult with us; Dermalene (in Ampang area) is on the list!

So, let’s continue reading this article until the end.


Dermalene, Your Skin Specialist

dermalene skin specialist

Have you heard about Dermalene? 

If not, then, this article is a golden opportunity for you to explore more about us.

So, what are our strengths?


1. Non-invasive & skin-friendly treatment

Back in early years (approximately in the 2000s), there was no good news at all. It was all about painful experiences, long-awaited procedures and many more.

How convenient was that?

This situation is best suited with an English song from Melanie Martinez; Mrs Potato Head. The lyrics are as followed:

“Oh, Mrs. Potato Head tell me,

Is it true that pain is beauty,

Does a new face come with a warranty?”

Nevertheless, as time and technology evolve, skin treatments are made safer and mostly non-invasive.

The customer tends to opt for this kind of treatment as it involves little to no discomfort and requires minimal or no downtime.

Therefore, we at Dermalene offer our customers a non-invasive and skin-friendly treatment. They no longer have to worry about needing to take extra days off to cater to the ‘downtime’.

Plus, no injection nor magic involved, only simple yet effective skin treatment. One that is gentle to the skin to make the skincare journey better.


2. Clinically Proven Skin Treatment Method

The founder of Dermalene, Dr. Alina Hasni is a skincare addict herself. She has her own website and has been sharing content on health and skincare ever since she was 18 years old.

Being a Masters graduate in Clinical Dermatology from Cardiff University, she believes that there is so much to offer in terms of skincare solution.

We at Dermalene shared the core value with Dr. Alina which is to provide evidence-based, clinically proven, effective, and efficient solutions.

Understanding how much skin can affect one’s confidence, we want to help the customers to uncover their best potential.

We believe that they want to live their fullest life by being confident and comfortable with their skin.

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3. Up-To-Date Skin Treatment Technology

The beauty industry is getting bigger and skincare is no exception.

With the ever-evolving technology, Dermalene is always up to date with the most current skincare treatment practices.

Especially, led by Dr. Alina, who is very involved in the local skincare and beauty industry.

All the skincare machinery in Dermalene are internationally imported and up-to-date to offer customers the best skin results possible.


4. Well-trained & experienced skin consultant

Trusting someone with your face is a huge leap of trust.


Because you are trusting someone with the most prominent aspect of yourself; your face.

Therefore, Dermalene skin specialist wants to reciprocate the trust that customers have given by providing only qualified and certified staff.

The customers can have peace of mind knowing that their consultant ranges from dermatologist specialist to beauty expert consultants.

Building a name with credibility and professionalism, it’s a no-brainer that clients often choose Dermalene for their skincare consultations and treatments.


To conclude, there are many reasons why Dermalene is on the top of clients list for dermatology centers in Ampang area.

With the high number of reviews that we have received from previous customers, it is very clear that we are committed to our mission to help customers to live a happier life in their own skin.

Furthermore, Dermalene has gained up to 40,000 visits ever since they opened their door years ago and the numbers will keep on rising with the value that they provide.

Currently, Dermalene has 6 centers nationwide and is available in 6 different locations. 

Below are the locations where Dermalene offers its skincare treatment services.

  • Persiaran Ampang UKAY, Ampang di Selangor.
  • Medan Pusat 2d, Seksyen 9 di Bangi, Selangor.
  • KL Traders Square di Kuala Lumpur.
  • Vista Alam, Seksyen 14 di Shah Alam, Selangor.
  • Jalan Pengkalan Chepa di Kota Bahru, Kelantan. 

Wait no more and start your skin-vestment with Dermalene TODAY!

Book your appointment with Dermalene via link below. 


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